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This CLI extension adds bump command that lets you bump Foliant project semantic version without editing the config manually.


$ pip install foliantcontrib.bump


Bump version from "1.0.0" to "1.0.1":

$ foliant bump
Version bumped from 1.0.0 to 1.0.1.

Bump major version:

$ foliant bump -v major
Version bumped from 1.0.1 to 2.0.0.

To see all available options, run foliant bump --help:

$ foliant bump --help
usage: foliant bump [-h] [-v VERSION_PART] [-p PATH] [-c CONFIG]

Bump Foliant project version.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -v VERSION_PART, --version-part VERSION_PART
                        Part of the version to bump: major, minor, patch, prerelease, or build (default: patch).
  -p PATH, --path PATH  Path to the directory with the config file (default: ".").
  -c CONFIG, --config CONFIG
                        Name of the config file (default: "foliant.yml").
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