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Admonitions preprocessor for Foliant

Preprocessor which tries to make admonitions syntax available for most backends.

Admonitions are decorated fragments of text which indicate a warning, notice, tip, etc.

We use rST-style syntax for admonitions which is already supported by mkdocs backend with admonition extension turned on. This preprocessor makes this syntax work for pandoc and slate backends.


$ pip install foliantcontrib.admonitions


Just add admonitions into your preprocessors list. Right now the preprocessor doesn't have any options:

    - admonitions


Add an admonition to your Markdown file:

!!! warning "optional admonition title"
    Admonition text.

    May be several paragraphs.

Currently supported backends:

  • pandoc
  • mkdocs*
  • slate

* for admonitions to work in mkdocs, add admonition to the markdown_extensions section of your mkdocs.yml config:

                - admonition

Notes for slate

Slate has its own admonitions syntax of three types: notice (blue notes), warning (red warnings) and success (green notes). If another type is supplied, slate draws a blue note but without the "i" icon.

Admonitions preprocessor transforms some of the general admonition types into slate's for convenience (so you could use error type to display same kind of note in both slate and mkdocs). These translations are indicated in the table below:

original type translates to
error warning
danger warning
caution warning
info notice
note notice
tip notice
hint notice
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