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Project Flattener for Foliant

This preprocessor converts a Foliant project source directory into a single Markdown file containing all the sources, preserving order and inheritance.

This preprocessor is used by backends that require a single Markdown file as input instead of a directory. The Pandoc backend is one such example.


$ pip install foliantcontrib.flatten


This preprocessor is required by Pandoc backend, so if you use it, you don’t need to install Flatten or enable it in the project config manually.

However, it’s still a regular preprocessor, and you can run it manually by listing it in preprocessors:

    - flatten

The preprocessor has a number of options with the following default values:

    - flatten:
        keep_sources: false
Name of the flattened file that is created in the temporary working directory.
Flag that tells the preprocessor to keep Markdown sources in the temporary working directory after flattening. If set to false, all Markdown files excepting the flattened will be deleted from the temporary working directory.


Flatten preprocessor uses Includes, so when you install Pandoc backend, Includes preprocessor will also be installed, along with Flatten.

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